New Hampshire
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Cosmic Hill
Cosmic Hill
Moretown, Vermont
Status: Open
First Season:1990s
Vertical Drop:175 feet
Standing Lifts:Surface lift
Past Lifts:Surface lift
Left: Cosmic Hill
Recent News:
Located in the Sugarbush region of Vermont, Cosmic Hill is a small, private backyard ski area. Cosmic Hill is not open to the public.

Cosmic Hill dates back to the 1990s, when Peter Avedisian constructed a rope tow in his 11 acre backyard. Using his home as a hilltop lodge, Avedisian developed his own snowmaking system to cover his slopes during times with lean snowfall. Avedisian also sells his special snowguns.

At some point in the 2000s, a used T-Bar was purchased from Frontenac, NH and installed at Cosmic Hill. The top terminal was installed adjacent to his driveway.

While ski areas across the country were shut down in March 2020 due to COVID-19, Avedisian and his guests were able to enjoy lift served skiing well into the spring at the private backyard area. The Cosmic Hill Express T-Bar operated into May.

Circa 2021, Avedisian started experimenting with artificial snow surfaces for summertime skiing. Multiple types of synthetic covers (Skitrax Tiles, Neveplast Tiles, and PowderPakUSA) were installed on Upper Snow Cloud and the T-Bar line in 2023.

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Standing Lifts
The T-Bar circa the mid to late 2000s
Cosmic Hill Express

Past Lifts

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