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Mt. Willard Ski Area
Bethlehem, Carroll, & Hart's Location, New Hampshire
Proposed in the 1970s
Mt. Willard Ski Area location map Overview
Along with the Mt. Tom proposal, Crawford House owner George McAvoy also considered building a lift to the adjacent Mt. Willard. The plans were cancelled by the mid-1970s closing and subsequent fire of the lodging facility. The Appalachian Mountain Club Highland Center is now located near the proposed base area.

1950 USGS Topographic Map of Mt. Willard
1950 USGS Topographic Map of Mt. Willard

There are no known remains of the Mt. Willard proposal.

" McAvoy went on to say that there was also a plan to place a lift "or some conveyance" to transport people to the summit of nearby Mount Willard, long one of the best and most rewarding short hikes in the region. "
Mike Dickerman, 2005

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  • Mt. Willard - Hiking Guide

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