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New England Ski Presence: 1980-1989

While Moore & Munger was primarily known for its work in the wax and petrolium industries, it was once a large player in the New England Ski Industry.

Timeline of Moore & Munger, Inc. ski areas

Moore and Munger, Inc. was formed in 1900 by Henry C. Munger and Max Munger. Initially involved in clay, wax, and petrolium, Moore & Munger eventually branched into other lines of business.

In the middle of the twentieth century, the Snyder family was actively involved the company. Edward P. Snyder brought his son Frank V. Snyder into the business in 1951. Ten years later, Frank Snyder would help develop Stratton Mountain in Vermont.

Moore & Munger, Inc. logo In late 1979, Stratton purchased nearby Bromley Mountain. The sale reportedly increased Stratton's debt load to $7 million.

With Stratton drowning in debt in a time of high interest rates and little natural snow, Snyder brought in Moore & Munger to the rescue. In the spring of 1980, Moore & Munger agreed to purchase 80% of Stratton's stock, saving the ski area from a potential trip to the auction block.

Synder retired as Chairman of the Board of Moore & Munger in 1983. Around this time, Moore & Munger partner Wayne Granquist headed to Vermont to oversee the two ski areas and eventually sell them.

During the mid 1980s, Moore & Munger oversaw the development of Stratton Village, as well as the installation of five new lifts at the area. In late 1987, Moore and Munger sold Bromley to the owners of nearby Magic Mountain. The following season, the Stratton Gondola was installed.

Shortly thereafter, in the spring of 1989, Moore & Munger exited the ski business when it sold Stratton to Japanese firm Victoria USA.

Moore & Munger was eventually purchased by wax giant Schumann Sasol AG. On July 1, 2004, Moore & Munger, Inc. officially became Sasol Wax Americas, Inc.

Frank Snyder died of a heart attack on June 26, 2006 at the age of 83.

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