Mohawk Mountain (2007)
Mohawk Mountain
Cornwall, Connecticut
Status: Open
First Season:1947-48
Vertical Drop:650 feet
Standing Lifts:5 triples, surface lifts
Past Lifts:4 doubles, surface lifts
Left: Mohawk Mountain (2007)
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Located in the northwestern part of the state, Mohawk Mountain has been the cornerstone of the Connecticut ski industry for over half a century.

Mohawk Ski Trail

Downhill skiing on Mohawk Mountain may date back to 1937 or 1939, when the Connecticut Winter Sports Association reportedly cut an alpine ski trail in cooperation with the State Forest Department. It is not known if the trail was maintained during World War II, but some press accounts suggest it may have been in a state of disuse by the middle of the 1940s.

Surface Lift Era

Walt's spirit lives on (2014)
Walt's spirit lives on (2014)

Lift served ski development at Mohawk Mountain dates back to February of 1947, when Walt Schoenknecht, his wife, and father started developing a ski area around the Mohawk ski trail on land leased from the state. Initially a $45,000 investment, Mohawk was instantly one of the larger ski areas in New England when it opened in 1947-48, featuring three slopes and a half dozen trails of all abilities, spanning some 600 vertical feet. Six rope tows operated weekends, holidays, and some midweek afternoons. Walt's wife Peg, a former Army nurse, set up the first aid clinic.

Early Experiments in Snowmaking

While the ski area was initially successful, a snow drought in the winter of 1949-50 brought operations to a halt. Ever the creative thinker, Walt brought in countless truckloads of ice and used a massive chipper to create a snow surface, which allowed the area to open on one slope, served by multiple rope tows. At the same time, he was also taking part in preliminary experiments compressed air snowmaking. Further work was done in the fall of 1950 with Larchmont Engineering equipment at Mohawk. By the time the 1950-51 season rolled around, the new snowmaking system was advertised regionally. By this point, the area featured nine rope tows.

Mt. Snow and Chairlifts

The Mohawk Double circa the 1960s
The Mohawk Double circa the 1960s

A couple of years later, Walt set his sights on developing a mega ski area on Mount Snow. In 1958, preparations began for a future chairlift installation at Mohawk.

Connecticut's first chairlift was installed at Mohawk for the 1960-61 season, as well as expanded snowmaking. Future Butternut developer Channing Murdock took over day to day operations of Mohawk. Two more chairlifts were installed by the end of the decade, cementing Mohawk's status as the largest ski area in the state.

After losing ownership control of Mount Snow, Walt's focus returned to Mohawk in the early to mid 1970s. Later that decade, Mohawk installed its first triple chairlift, the Boulder Triple.

The 1980s brought sadness to Mohawk, starting in the early part of the decade when Walt began to fight cancer. His daughter Carol Lugar returned to the area she grew up at and helped him manage it. Walt passed away prior to the start of the 1987-88 season.


As the clocks at the mountain struck 4:37 on the afternoon of July 10, 1989, an F4 tornado ripped through Mohawk, leaving $1.5 to $2 million in damage. Pieces of the ski area were later found scattered miles away. Initial industry analysis was that the ski area would not be able to open for at least a year, if ever. However, with the help of ski areas across the country, Mohawk was able to rebuild in time to open for the 1989-90 season. Nonetheless, the financial impact would affect Mohawk for years.

Night Skiing Starts

Carol Lugar and early 1990s snowmaking
Carol Lugar and early 1990s snowmaking

Despite being located near a large population base, Mohawk Mountain operated as a day-only ski area for decades, in part due to the desire to avoid an alcohol fueled party atmosphere that plagued other ski areas at the time. Feeling confident that it could avoid that in an era that was "more socially conscious," Mohawk added night skiing for the 1991-92 season, in part to help pay off tornado related debt. Alcohol remained banned, as Lugar told Skiing magazine, "We don't feel that drinking mixes with skiing any more than it mixes with driving. My child has to ride these lifts."


The Deer Run Triple passing over the original Pine Lodge (2014)
The Deer Run Triple passing over the original Pine Lodge (2014)

A major lift infrastructure initiative took place starting in the 2000s, resulting in the installation of four triple chairlifts. Mohawk's last double chairlift, the Arrow Head Double, was replaced in 2013 with the Arrowhead Triple.

With growing demand for more base facilities, Mohawk constructed major lodge expansion in 2015 which doubled seating capacity. Reports
Recent Conditions Reports
Dec. 13, 2014 by rocket21
Packed Powder, Loose Granular
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February 22, 1977 Norwalk HourDecember 22, 1977 Norwalk HourMohawk Mountain Aerial Imagery, 1991 vs. 2012
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Standing Lifts
The Arrowhead Triple installation in 2013
Arrowhead Triple
Chairlift - Triple - Fixed
The Boulder Triple in 2007
Boulder Triple
Chairlift - Triple - Fixed
Deer Run Triple installation in 2010
Deer Run Triple
Chairlift - Triple - Fixed
The bottom terminal (2014)
Mohawk Triple
Chairlift - Triple - Fixed
The Nutmeg Triple installation in 2010
Nutmeg Triple
Chairlift - Triple - Fixed

Past Lifts
The Arrowhead Double in 2007
Arrow Head Double
Carlevaro & Savio
Chairlift - Double - Fixed
Deer Run Double
Carlevaro & Savio-Borvig
Chairlift - Double - Fixed
The Mohawk Double in 2007
Mohawk Double
Carlevaro & Savio-Borvig
Chairlift - Double - Fixed
Mohawk Poma

The Nutmeg Double in 2007
Nutmeg Double
Cosmos-Carlevaro & Savio-Borvig-Partek
Chairlift - Double - Fixed

2020-21 Mohawk Mountain Trail Map
1974-75 Mohawk Mountain Trail Map1978-79 Mohawk Mountain Trail Map1983-84 Mohawk Mountain Trail Map1987-88 Mohawk Mountain Trail Map2006-07 Mohawk Mountain Trail Map2009-10 Mohawk Mountain Trail Map
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Year by Year History
Adult Weekend Full Day Lift Ticket; Adult Full Price Unlimited Season Pass
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2020-21$67.002020-21 Ticket Price Graph$659.002020-21 Season Pass Price Graph9.8 daysDecember 122020-21 Skier Visit Graph
2019-20$67.002019-20 Ticket Price Graph$659.002019-20 Season Pass Price Graph9.8 daysNovember 23March 122019-20 Skier Visit Graph
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2018-19$65.002018-19 Ticket Price Graph$639.002018-19 Season Pass Price Graph9.8 daysNovember 23March 312018-19 Skier Visit Graph
2017-18$64.002017-18 Ticket Price Graph$639.002017-18 Season Pass Price Graph10.0 daysDecember 9April 12017-18 Skier Visit Graph
2016-17$62.002016-17 Ticket Price Graph$639.002016-17 Season Pass Price Graph10.3 daysDecember 17April 22016-17 Skier Visit Graph
2015-16$60.002015-16 Ticket Price Graph$639.002015-16 Season Pass Price Graph10.7 daysJanuary 2March 132015-16 Skier Visit Graph
2014-15$60.002014-15 Ticket Price Graph$639.002014-15 Season Pass Price Graph10.7 daysNovember 28March 292014-15 Skier Visit Graph
2013-14$58.002013-14 Ticket Price Graph$619.002013-14 Season Pass Price Graph10.7 daysNovember 29March 302013-14 Skier Visit Graph
2012-13$56.002012-13 Ticket Price Graph$619.002012-13 Season Pass Price Graph11.1 daysDecember 15March 302012-13 Skier Visit Graph
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2010-11$52.002010-11 Ticket Price Graph2010-11 Season Pass Price GraphDecember 11March 272010-11 Skier Visit Graph
2009-10$50.002009-10 Ticket Price Graph$599.002009-10 Season Pass Price Graph12.0 daysDecember 12March 282009-10 Skier Visit Graph
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2008-09$50.002008-09 Ticket Price Graph$599.002008-09 Season Pass Price Graph12.0 days2008-09 Skier Visit Graph
2007-08$47.002007-08 Ticket Price Graph$599.002007-08 Season Pass Price Graph12.7 days2007-08 Skier Visit Graph
2006-07$45.002006-07 Ticket Price Graph$599.002006-07 Season Pass Price Graph13.3 days2006-07 Skier Visit Graph
2005-06$42.002005-06 Ticket Price Graph$599.002005-06 Season Pass Price Graph14.3 days2005-06 Skier Visit Graph
2004-05$42.002004-05 Ticket Price Graph$660.002004-05 Season Pass Price Graph15.7 days2004-05 Skier Visit Graph
2003-04$39.002003-04 Ticket Price Graph$690.002003-04 Season Pass Price Graph17.7 days2003-04 Skier Visit Graph
2002-03$37.002002-03 Ticket Price Graph$690.002002-03 Season Pass Price Graph18.6 daysNovember 292002-03 Skier Visit Graph
2001-02$35.002001-02 Ticket Price Graph2001-02 Season Pass Price Graph2001-02 Skier Visit Graph
2000-01$32.002000-01 Ticket Price Graph$650.002000-01 Season Pass Price Graph20.3 days2000-01 Skier Visit Graph
1999-00$30.001999-00 Ticket Price Graph$605.001999-00 Season Pass Price Graph20.2 days1999-00 Skier Visit Graph
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1996-971996-97 Ticket Price Graph1996-97 Season Pass Price GraphNovember 301996-97 Skier Visit Graph
1995-96$25.001995-96 Ticket Price Graph1995-96 Season Pass Price Graph1995-96 Skier Visit Graph
1994-95$32.001994-95 Ticket Price Graph1994-95 Season Pass Price GraphDecember 31994-95 Skier Visit Graph
1993-941993-94 Ticket Price Graph1993-94 Season Pass Price GraphNovember 271993-94 Skier Visit Graph
1992-93$29.001992-93 Ticket Price Graph1992-93 Season Pass Price GraphApril 81992-93 Skier Visit Graph
1991-92$30.001991-92 Ticket Price Graph1991-92 Season Pass Price Graph1991-92 Skier Visit Graph
1989-90$28.001989-90 Ticket Price Graph1989-90 Season Pass Price GraphNovember 241989-90 Skier Visit Graph
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1988-89$25.001988-89 Ticket Price Graph1988-89 Season Pass Price Graph1988-89 Skier Visit Graph
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1986-87$23.001986-87 Ticket Price Graph1986-87 Season Pass Price Graph1986-87 Skier Visit Graph
1984-85$18.501984-85 Ticket Price Graph1984-85 Season Pass Price Graph1984-85 Skier Visit Graph
1983-84$17.501983-84 Ticket Price Graph1983-84 Season Pass Price GraphMarch 251983-84 Skier Visit Graph
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1981-82$15.001981-82 Ticket Price Graph1981-82 Season Pass Price Graph1981-82 Skier Visit Graph
1980-81$13.501980-81 Ticket Price Graph1980-81 Season Pass Price Graph1980-81 Skier Visit Graph
1979-80$12.501979-80 Ticket Price Graph1979-80 Season Pass Price GraphDecember 221979-80 Skier Visit Graph
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1978-79$11.501978-79 Ticket Price Graph1978-79 Season Pass Price Graph1978-79 Skier Visit Graph
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1976-77$10.001976-77 Ticket Price Graph1976-77 Season Pass Price Graph1976-77 Skier Visit Graph
1975-76$9.501975-76 Ticket Price Graph1975-76 Season Pass Price Graph1975-76 Skier Visit Graph
1974-75$8.501974-75 Ticket Price Graph1974-75 Season Pass Price GraphDecember 211974-75 Skier Visit Graph
1973-74$7.001973-74 Ticket Price Graph1973-74 Season Pass Price Graph1973-74 Skier Visit Graph
1972-73$7.001972-73 Ticket Price Graph1972-73 Season Pass Price Graph1972-73 Skier Visit Graph
1971-72$7.001971-72 Ticket Price Graph$80.001971-72 Season Pass Price Graph11.4 days1971-72 Skier Visit Graph
1970-711970-71 Ticket Price Graph1970-71 Season Pass Price GraphMarch 281970-71 Skier Visit Graph
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1968-69$6.001968-69 Ticket Price Graph1968-69 Season Pass Price GraphDecember 201968-69 Skier Visit Graph
1967-68$5.501967-68 Ticket Price Graph1967-68 Season Pass Price Graph1967-68 Skier Visit Graph
1966-67$5.501966-67 Ticket Price Graph$35.001966-67 Season Pass Price Graph6.4 days1966-67 Skier Visit Graph
1964-65$5.501964-65 Ticket Price Graph1964-65 Season Pass Price Graph1964-65 Skier Visit Graph
1963-64$5.501963-64 Ticket Price Graph1963-64 Season Pass Price Graph1963-64 Skier Visit Graph
1961-62$5.501961-62 Ticket Price Graph1961-62 Season Pass Price Graph1961-62 Skier Visit Graph
1960-61$6.001960-61 Ticket Price Graph1960-61 Season Pass Price Graph1960-61 Skier Visit Graph
1959-60$2.501959-60 Ticket Price Graph1959-60 Season Pass Price Graph1959-60 Skier Visit Graph
1940s Ticket Price Season Pass Price
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1948-491948-49 Ticket Price Graph1948-49 Season Pass Price GraphDecember 21948-49 Skier Visit Graph
1947-48$2.001947-48 Ticket Price Graph1947-48 Season Pass Price Graph1947-48 Skier Visit Graph

Visitor Memories
"I found Mohawk around 10 years ago. It's a fantastic place. The people who work there are the friendliest in the industry. As for the mountain, the terrain is fun and the snow is always great. I've never had a bad day there, and can't wait to get back. "
Fred Burke, Nov. 30, 2018
"I was 17 and a member of the New Haven ski club and repeatedly skied Mohawk. In early 1954, at a club meeting, I remember Walt Schoenknecht saying "I have found a mountain in Vermont the gets a foot of snow when all the surrounding mountains don't get any and I am going to build a ski area there and call it 'Mt. Snow". He hired another member, Andy Andrews, to help him, and sure enough, they made Mt.Snow happen - much to my skeptical teenage mind at the time. I went south to college at Duke that year, and then, eventually out west and the Calif. sierras. I never skied Mohawk again or Mt.Snow, but I do remember reading about amazing growth of the resort and the dearth of snow in New England for so many winters. That was actual "climate change". "
curtis cobb, Jun. 28, 2017
"My second day of skiing was here in 1971. Age 8. I remember wood skis, leather boots and safety straps. I wore jeans over long johns and remember being soaked to the bone at the end of the day, the result of falling dozens of times on the beginner are"
Paul Friedman, Jun. 22, 2017
"I started working at Mohawk the first year it opened. I was 14 and madeSandwiches and helped in the kitchen. I worked there all through highSchool to get spending money. I loved it. "
Suzanne Hedden williams, May. 12, 2016
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