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CCC Ski Trails in New Hampshire
Mt. Whittier Cabin
Mt. AgassizMt. Agassiz TrailBethlehem, NH
Bartlett MountainMaple Villa Ski TrailBartlett, NHAbandoned
Bean HillBean Hill TrailNorthfield, NHAbandoned
Bear MountainBear Mountain Lower TrailBartlett, NHAbandoned
Bear MountainBear Mountain Upper TrailBartlett, NHAbandoned
Belknap MountainBelknap TrailGilford, NH
Black MountainBlack Mountain TrailJackson, NHOpen
Cannon MountainCannon Mountain TrailFranconia, NHOpen
Cannon MountainCoppermine TrailFranconia, NHOpen
Cannon MountainMeadow Brook Ski TrailFranconia, NHOpen
Cannon MountainRavine TrailFranconia, NHOpen
Cannon MountainRichard Taft TrailFranconia, NHOpen
Cannon MountainTucker Brook Ski TrailFranconia, NHOpen
Mt. CardiganAlexandria Ski TrailAlexandria, NHOpen
Mt. CardiganDuke's TrailAlexandria, NHOpen
Mt. CardiganKimball TrailAlexandria, NHOpen
Mt. CardiganWest Ridge TrailOrange, NHOpen
Mt. ChocoruaChocorua East Ski TrailAlbany, NHAbandoned
Mt. ChocoruaLiberty TrailAlbany, NHOpen
Dalton MountainDavison TrailDalton, NH
Dalton MountainForest Lake TrailDalton, NH
Doublehead MountainDoublehead Ski TrailJackson, NHOpen
Mt. EustisBuddy Nute TrailLittleton, NH
Grand View MountainGrand View Ski TrailWoodstock, NH
Gunstock MountainCorkscrew TrailGilford, NH
Gunstock MountainGunstock TrailGilford, NH
Gunstock MountainStonebar TrailGilford, NH
Gunstock MountainWinnipesaukee TrailGilford, NH
Mt. KearsargeKearsarge North Slope
Mt. KearsargeKearsarge South Slope
Kinsman MountainKinsman Ski TrailEaston, NHOpen
Little Wildcat MountainGo-Back TrailGreen's Grant, NHAbandoned
Little Wildcat MountainKatsensteig TrailBean's Purchase, NHAbandoned
Little Wildcat MountainWildcat Col TrailBean's Purchase, NHAbandoned
Mink HillsMink RunWarner, NH
Moffett MountainDown Hill TrailLisbon, NH
Mt. MoosilaukeHell's HighwayWarren, NH
Nickerson MountainWest Ossipee, NHAbandoned
Pack Monadnock MountainUnknown
Mt. PawtuckawayPawtuckaway Ski Club Trail
Mt. PawtuckawayRollins Trail
Mt. PawtuckawayRound Pond Trail
Piper MountainPiper Mountain Ski TrailGilford, NH
Prospect MountainSinclair Weeks TrailLancaster, NH
Mt. RoweRowe TrailGilford, NH
Russell MountainRussell Mountain TrailWoodstock, NH
Spruce MountainSpruce Mountain TrailJackson, NH
Stinson MountainStinson Mountain Ski TrailRumney, NHAbandoned
Storr's HillStorr's Hill TrailLebanon, NH
Sunapee MountainSunapee Mountain Trail
Mt. TecumsehMt. Tecumseh TrailWaterville Valley, NHAbandoned
Mt. TecumsehMt. Tecumseh TrailWaterville Valley, NHOpen
Temple MountainWapackAshby, NH
Tenney MountainTenney Hill Trail
North Uncanoonuc MountainDorsey Ravine TrailGoffstown, NH
North Uncanoonuc MountainNorth Mountain TrailGoffstown, NH
North Uncanoonuc MountainShirley TrailGoffstown, NH
South Uncanoonuc MountainEast-Side TrailGoffstown, NH
South Uncanoonuc MountainU.S.C. TrailGoffstown, NH
South Uncanoonuc MountainWest-Side TrailGoffstown, NH
Mt. WashingtonGulf of Slides Trail
Mt. WashingtonJohn Sherburne Trail
Mt. WhittierMt. Whittier TrailTamworth, NHAbandoned
Wildcat MountainHopper Ski TrailPinkham's Grant, NHAbandoned
Wildcat MountainWildcat Ski TrailPinkham's Grant, NHOpen
Note: Not all of the above trails are confirmed alpine CCC ski trails.
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