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Ski Area Expansions
North Face at Brodie Mountain Ski Area
North Face Details
North Face
First Season of Operation:1990s
Lifts:1 chairlift
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While Brodie's rapid growth in the 1960s slowed in subsequent decades, the ski area nonetheless remained quite popular. As the 1970s progressed, nearby areas were generally either expanding or facing impending closure.

Circa 1977, owner Jim Kelly began publicizing plans for expansion to the north face of the mountain, which would have more advanced terrain than the main mountain.

In June 1985, general manager Matthew Kelly announced plans for a $750,000 expansion to the north face of the mountain. Seven trails were to be cut to the north of Tipperary, served by a new double chairlift. Five of the trails would be expert, while two would be intermediate. The proposal fell one vote short of the necessary four-fifths majority to get a New Ashford Planning Board approval that September, kicking off a multi-year battle at the ballot box and in courts. Though Kelly acquired 150 acres in March 1986 to help facilitate the expansion, the town roadblocks prevented Brodie from moving forward in a timely fashion.

The expansion area was eventually removed from future trail maps and Brodie instead boosted their trail count by counting upper, lower, and crossover trails. Upon being purchased by Jiminy Peak, there was no further mention of the North Face expansion.

The North Face as seen on the 1992 trail map
The North Face as seen on the 1992 trail map

Brodie Mountain Ski Area Expansion History
Project NameSeasonStatus
North Face1990sCancelled
Summit Area1967-68Abandoned
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