New England Ski Lift Database
Standing J-Bars, T-Bars, and Platters at Open Areas
Ski AreaStateLiftBrandInstall Year
Black Mountain ResortNHWhitneys' J-Bar 1935-36 
Pats PeakNHGusty J-BarHall 1997-98 
Burke Mountain ResortVTJ-BarHall  
Suicide SixVTBeginners J-BarBorvig 1977-78 
Ski ButternutMAPoma  
Black Mountain ResortNHPlatter Pull LiftMueller-Poma 1994-95 
Storrs Hill Ski AreaNHPomaHeron-Poma 1972-73 
Tenney MountainNHPoma Lift 1988-89 
Waterville Valley ResortNHExhibition LiftStadeli 1984-85 
Grill HillVTPoma 2016-17 
Seaver HillVTPoma 2017-18 
Stratton Mountain ResortVTSMS PomaHeron-Poma 1971-72 
Sugarbush ResortVTGMVS PomaHall-Poma 1980s 
Otis RidgeMAT-BarDoppelmayr 1962-63 
Ski BradfordMAHornet T-BarMueller 1971-72 
Ski WardMAT-BarMueller 1965-66 
Baker Mountain Ski AreaMET-BarPoma 1968-69 
Black MountainMET-BarJ W Penney 1961-62 
Hermon Mountain Ski AreaMEEast Side T-BarPoma 1966-67 
Lonesome Pine Trails Ski AreaMET-BarHall 1985-86 
Lost Valley Ski AreaMET-BarJ W Penney 1962-63 
Mt. AbramMEFlying Squirrel T-BarHall 1960-61 
Mt. AbramMEMaine T-BarHall 1961-62 
Mt. JeffersonMEHall T-BarHall 1994-95 
Mt. JeffersonMET-BarBaja 1964-65 
Quoggy JoMET-BarHall 2000-01 
Sugarloaf Mountain ResortMEBateau T-BarConstam-Doppelmayr-Borvig 1956-57 
Titcomb Mountain Ski AreaME#1 T-BarPoma-Hall 1969-70 
Titcomb Mountain Ski AreaME#2 T-BarConstam-Hall 1973-74 
Bretton WoodsNHTelegraph T-BarDoppelmayr 2012-13 
Cannon MountainNHValar T-BarLST 2016-17 
Proctor Ski AreaNHT-BarHall 2007-08 
Rowell HillNHT-BarHall 2006-07 
Veterans Memorial Ski AreaNHT-BarHopkins 1967-68 
Waterville Valley ResortNHWorld Cup T-BarHopkins 1967-68 
Whaleback MountainNHWest Side T-BarHall 2017-18 
Brattleboro Ski HillVTT-BarDoppelmayr 1964-65 
Bromley Mountain ResortVTLord's Prayer T-BarHall 1997-98 
Burke Mountain ResortVTT-BarLeitner-Poma 2017-18 
Cochran's Ski AreaVTT-BarHall 1979-80 
Cosmic HillVTT-BarMueller 2000s 
High Pond Ski AreaVTT-BarLeitner-Poma 2017-18 
Lyndon Outing ClubVTT-Bar 1983-84 
Northeast SlopesVTJohn A. Pierson Jr. T-BarHall 2009-10 
Okemo Mountain ResortVTThe PullPoma 1996-97 
Quechee Ski AreaVTT-BarPoma 1975-76 
Smugglers NotchVTSterling T-BarHall 1994-95 
Sugarbush ResortVTGMVS T-BarDoppelmayr 2011-12 
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